David is a natural born teacher!  He is a well of Swahili  knowledge  and he enthusiastically teaches grammar and conjugation, as well as provides cultural information.  His classes are carefully planned and structured  allowing  students to follow a natural progression without encountering hurdles.David has a great command of English so that students can ask anything about Swahili and living in Tanzania and he will be able to answer!  No question remains unturned!  David is calm and very patient and knows how to adapt his class to the learning pace of his students! He is friendly, funny and always enthusiastic to teach.  Going to class is always a pleasure!

I wholeheartedly recommend David to anyone who wants to learn Swahili! He is the best!

Isabelle Lambert
Administrative Assistant, International Organization

Swahili classes with David were one of the Arusha activities I would most look forward to as it was always fun and interactive. I recommended him to many friends and acquaintances who all liked his positive teaching style, always encouraging his students, giving high fives ;). I am passionate about languages but without Davidy I wouldn’t have been able to master Swahili in a record time. Swahili is an easy language but it’s only by getting the right insides into its structure that one can start actively using it (at least in a correct way :D). I have had many teachers of different languages throughout the years and amongst them Davidy is definitely exceptional. Because he loves teaching, he loves Swahili and he transmits this enthusiasm to his students. Thanks to him even some of my friends who initially were not very committed couldn’t help but warming up to the language. A funny anecdote is that upon starting my first class with Davidy I warned him “Look, this is just a test class, if I am not satisfied I will take another teacher”. He replied “don’t worry dada” with his usual smile. Eventually I was so satisfied with the class that I never considered switching to another teacher. – Marie Herman (Belgium)

‘David is the best Swahili teacher ever! All expats know him. If you are looking to learn Swahili don’t hesitate go to him. He is punctual, organized and teach in a very structured way. He is interactive and I love his methodology of teaching. On top of that he is really nice and attentive. I can say that he is a friend! – Kwa kweli bado naongea kiswahili kwa sababu nilichukua muda mfupi kwa kujifunza. pia David alinipa sarufi zote ambazo nahitaji kwa kujifunza.Nashukuru sana David!” Dada Virginie (Belgium)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Skype lessons with David. He is very personable with an encouraging and positive teaching style. After each lesson, I am always very pleased with the progress and amount of material we have covered. Previously, I studied Swahili with two text books, Duolingo, SwahiliPod and several websites none of which can compare to the experience of having a personal Swahili tutor. David is continually adjusting my syllabus as my ability level changes which has significantly sped up my progress allowing me to more quickly reach my goals.” – Cynthia B (USA)

I started classes with David in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised. David is very encouraging and has the ability to adapt his lessons at a pace appropriate for each individual. I’m a visual learner as well. So, the way that he conducted his classes really facilitated my ability to learn. The thing I valued the most was David’s ability to answer my “why” questions versus teaching simple memorization. I am forever grateful for David and highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning or advancing their knowledge of Kiswahili.” – Lisa (Canada)

Mambo, Habari, Mzima
David is a long time teacher of me. He taught me during my voulenteer Time in Tanzania and now he is our privat skype teacher.
David is a really friendly, happy and always smiling teacher. THE BEST WAY TO LEARN!!
Till now i learn a lot from him. He taught me Different stuffs like tenses, Verbs, negative tenses and even more. After every lesson he sent some notes and some Exercise to do as homework. So great.
He also is really flexible for the payments and its really easy to sent it with a special app. So no way to say no to learn this nice language from far away.
So i am really happy to learn with david.
Asante sana for teaching us really nice. Ninaelewa sana Kiswahili sasa.
Jenny A. (Germany)

When our family first moved to Tanzania, David was recommended to us as a Swahili teacher. The three of us took weekly lessons for about a year. David is a patient, friendly, and encouraging teacher. Whether you know nothing about the language, or you want to expand your vocabulary, David can help. – Morgan (America)David has made learning Swahili a very enjoyable experience for me. He has a very uncomplicated way of introducing each topic and his teaching style provides an engaging opportunity to master each topic. His broad knowledge of English allows him to clearly and concisely explain how to communicate what you want to say in Swahili. You can tell he thoroughly enjoys teaching others to communicate in Swahili.Emily B. (Arusha)

David was the Swahili tutor for both of my kids and I when we moved to Tanzania. He is the most engaging, interesting, and knowledgeable teacher I know. He makes lessons something to really look forward to. He inspired my son to really understand the language and excel at it. I am forever grateful to David for his teaching and I don’t hesitate to recommend him far and wide. Thank you, David!! – Stefania Rossetti (Italy)

David is an amazing Swahili teacher! Within half a year, I was able to have day-to-day conversations with my colleagues in Swahili with good sentence structure and grammar, and I can read and write short stories in Swahili. The best thing about learning with David is that he developed a very rigorous curriculum and practice materials himself that is comprehensive and easy to understand. Highly recommend David’s classes! – Eva (Taiwan)

David lessons are interactive, informative, challenging at times and fun! Having never learnt a language before I was hesitant to sign up but the lessons were one of the best things I did during my time in Tanzania. What I learnt from David’s lessons helped me to feel more comfortable living in Africa and I was able to use what I learnt in practical setting, even impressing locals. It was great David was willing to come to my workplace for lessons, making it easier for those with busy schedules. I Would recommend David to anyone looking to maximise their time in Tanzania, while having fun for a great price! I miss his encouraging high-fives, which always brightened the week (Sam Adelaide, Australia)

David is a reliable and fun teacher. He knows everything about Swahili grammar and is good at explaining it. We highly recommend him!! – Sjors (Netherlands)